HIV Plan Belgium

HIV Monitoring Committee

The Monitoring Committee has been established by the Inter-ministerial Conference of Public Health on the 24th of February 2014. It has been created based on action 54 from the HIV Plan 2014-2019 in order to support the monitoring of the implementation of the HIV Plan.

Together with the Positive Council, representatives of the prevention, testing, care and quality of life pillars of the HIV Plan constitute the permanent structure of the Monitoring Committee.

Throughout the past years, the Monitoring Committee used the HIV Plan 2014-2019 as a policy framework to communicate with the health authorities. Bi-annual meetings were organised to exchange on the recent developments in the HIV-field in Belgium. Annually, a short-list of priorities was proposed and advocated for.

Mission statement

The Monitoring Committee aims

1/ to monitor the progress made in the implementation of the HIV Plan and

2/ to reach out to involved health authorities both at the federal and regional level, in the realisation of the priorities and actions of the HIV Plan.

The Monitoring Committee will achieve those goals through actions in the following domains:

Organize at least two annual exchange meetings with representatives of each pillar and the Positive Council

Propose an annual action plan

Reach out to other involved policy partners

Advocate for policy initiative in the realisation of the actions of the HIV Plan

Monitor the follow up of actions of the HIV Plan by making use of monitoring indicators

Analyse and review data, including the continuum of care by key-populations and geographic regions, to identify gaps and to propose adjustments in the response where needed


Thierry Martin (Plateforme Prévention Sida)
Sandra Van den Eynde (Sensoa)
Charlotte Pézeril (Observatoire du sida et des sexualités)
Christiana Nöstlinger (Institute of Tropical Medicine)


Chris Verhofstede (ARL Gent)
Jessika Deblonde (Sciensano)
Simon Englebert (Centre S)
Anne-Sophie Sauvage (CHU Liège)


Agnès Libois (CHU Saint-Pierre)
Rémy Demeester (CHU Charleroi)
Marie-Angelique De Scheerder (UZ Gent)
Dominique Van Beckhoven (Sciensano)


Grâce Ntunzwenimana (Plateforme Prévention Sida)
Ria Koeck (Sensoa)
Anne De Vleeschouwer (Erasme Hospital)
Wim Aernouts (Institute of Tropical Medicine)